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The Quiz Bowl is Almost Here

The time is almost here. Next Friday, July 19th at 7:00 PM is the Good Shepherd Family Quiz Bowl.  Teams are forming and we need your team! We will be selling tickets and signing up teams this weekend.  If you will not be at church this weekend and you would like to form a team or do not have a team and want to come, just email Diane Wall at  You can pay at the door.  The cost is $10/person and children under 12 are free.

This event is being sponsored by the Women at the Well and the proceeds will benefit the Well Fund.  We are very close to reaching our goal of $5,000.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this project.

The Good Shepherd Family Quiz Bowl – Save the Date!

The Women at the Well have a wonderful evening of family fun planned for October 19th in the Parish Hall.  They are hosting Good Shepherd’s first ever Family Quiz Bowl.  It is being led by Brian Startare,  Quizzo host extraordinaire.  Participants are invited to bring a team of 4-6 family members and/or friends, as well as their own refreshments.  There will be questions for people of all ages and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams. Admission is $10 per person, children under 12 are free.  Tickets will be sold after church every weekend up through October 15th.

The Women at the Well are very close to reaching their goal of $5,000 raised by the end of 2018 to fund a well through Episcopal Relief and Development. The proceeds from this event will benefit the well project.


Take the Challenge

For the month of September, please join us in our loose change challenge. It is very simple. Set your favorite coffee mug out in a convenient place and when you find you have loose change, put it in your mug.

On the weekend of September 29/30, bring your mug to church and take pleasure in dumping it into a bucket with everyone else’s change.  This will, of course, benefit the Squirrels’ Nest Reserve which comes in very handy to help us with unexpected expenses and helps us to stay on budget.

We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thursday Bible Study

We will begin a new series on Thursday, September 20.  We meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Conference Room.  Our series this time is called Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi.  New Testament scholar, Amy-Jill Levine will analyze and illuminate Jesus’ parables, helping us to understand how the people in Jesus’ time would have understood these parables.  This will enable us to understand the meaning they hold for us today – 2000 years later! Just come and join us.

Holly Fair Crafters

Holly Fair Crafters needed

Holly Fair is fast approaching . . . mark your calendars for Saturday, December 1st! This is a wonderful annual celebration of fellowship, fantastic homemade food, crafters, kids’ activities, bargains and so much more! It is a great event to bring the whole family and enjoy the day.

We are looking for crafters with hand crafted items only for our Holly Fair. If you or someone you know is a crafter and would be interested in renting a table please fill out our Crafter Application and return it to us with your Table Rental fee.

2018 Crafter Letter

2018 Holly Fair Application



SPECIAL ONE-TIME BIBLE STUDY featuring controversial Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong on his book “The Sins of Scripture”. Bishop Spong will lead us through a summary of the history of Christianity to understand how scripture has been abused in order to foster hatred, prevent the acceptance of modern science and ultimately to inhibit the bringing about of God’s Kingdom.  We will meet in the Conference Room on Thursday, September 6, 9:30-11 a.m.  To view video go to:   Special One-Time Bible Study