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A change in “In-Person Worship” protocols…

Based on the strong recommendation of the Reentering, Reopening, Reimagining (RRR) Task Force of the Diocese of New Jersey and in response to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s July 27th recommendations, we will be requiring all worshipers and visitors to the Church, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a face mask which covers the nose and mouth.  This policy will go into effect this weekend and will remain in effect until community infection rates in Gloucester County improve.  No one is happy about this decision, but we believe it is the most prudent thing we can do in the face of the increasing threat of the Delta variant of the Covid 19 virus as well as the marked increase in break-thru infections of the vaccinated. As a Church, it is incumbent upon us to follow Jesus’ teachings in protecting the most vulnerable in our community (especially our un-vaccinated children).  Your co-operation and compliance with this change in our “in-person” worship protocols will be greatly appreciated.

Sent by David Snyder

Yard Sale of June 5, 2021

The Yard Sale was an overwhelming success!!  Almost $900 was raised, with the monies earned earmarked towards the Holly Fair fund.  Many thanks to the parishioners who mobilized at 7 am and withstood the heat that day to schleck out the tables and everything we had accumulated over the past year and a half—and hung out until about 1 pm selling everything we could;  Rich & Jenn Harrington, Claude & Judy Coulson, Deb Prieto, Jeff & Paige Bathurst, Pat Ransome, Ann Peel, Diane Wall, Bill Beard, Bill Nelson, Maria & Wayne Szalma and Beth Portocalis.  It was very heartwarming to see the Good Shepherd family once again come together and share fellowship.  It was also a great outreach day as we welcomed so many people to the Church (and even offered a few tours of the air-conditioned church!!) 

New “In-Person Worship” Protocols

In light of the CDC’s recent announcement and the guidelines from the Diocesan Re-Opening Task Force,  The Vestry approved the following adjustments to our existing “in person worship” protocols, beginning  May 22, 2021:

#1. Vaccinated worship leaders will not be required to wear a mask (Fr. Dave will continue to wear a mask when distributing the sacrament)

#2. Congregational singing (with masks) will resume on Pentecost Sunday.

#3. The Book of Common Prayer and Hymnals will return to the pews.

#4. We will continue to require all worshipers to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We will increase the maximum # of worshipers to 50..

“In-person” has resumed for Saturday, 5:30pm and Sunday, 10:00am Services.   A  FlockNote  to pre-register will be sent out each Thursday of the week.  Deadline for registering will be Friday, 12 Noon for that week.