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Spring Stewardship

This spring we are celebrating the joy of our Good Shepherd family during Spring Stewardship. Everyone is invited to Wine and Cheese after the Saturday 4/28 service and/or our Spring BBQ after the Sunday 4/29 service. Come and enjoy fellowship and food with your Good Shepherd family.

Please return your 2019 Estimate of Giving Card by 4/29 to the church office, to the parish hall basket, or to the offering plate at one of the weekend services or events. Pledges made this year (either Spring or Fall) are intended for calendar year 2019. We do not ask you to pledge twice. Your Good Shepherd family welcomes and appreciates all that you do. Thank you! Thanks be to God!

Homecoming BBQs

Homecoming Weekend Barbecues
Saturday and Sunday, September 9 & 10

Following each service, the Vestry is serving hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, salads, and water ice.

Potluck Dessert:
Everyone is invited to bring baked goodies to share.

Whether you’re a ‘regular’, only come every few weeks, haven’t attended in months or have never been at all–come join us for our Homecoming BBQs and enjoy the wonderful fellowship Good Shepherd has to offer!

Highlights from the August 2017 Vestry Meeting

The Vestry’s focus for the August meeting was on Homecoming Saturday and Sunday, September 9 & 10. We are planning BBQs on both days with festive outdoor seating in the courtyard. We are making “Ask Me About” Buttons for ministry leaders to wear. This will also be Name Tag weekend. Parishioners are invited to bring baked goodies to share. We welcome everyone: parishioners, friends, family, and neighbors to join us for worship and celebration.

Renovation of the Choir Room is just about done with new lighting and paint. Generous donations include a new file cabinet for music, an upright piano (from Roi and Judy Tucker), and an electric piano for the parish hall.

Good Shepherd’s pilot program of Summer Lunch for Kids, coordinated with the Food Bank of SJ and staffed by a large group of parishioner volunteers, will end on August 30 as school is starting.

Planning for the upcoming season includes Sunday School starting Sept 17, Confirmation Classes with Confirmation candidates and their parents meeting on September 24, and Crop Walk on Oct 15. Deacon Carl announced that Camden Christmas will move this year to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Camden with St. Nicholas Sunday on December 3 and Epiphany (Three Kings) on January 7.

Please stay in communication with your Vestry. Let us know what else we can do together to bring the peace of Jesus to the world both inside and outside our red doors!

The Vestry: Sue Burkhard (Jr Warden), Len Clark, Jack Daugherty, Frank Jackson, Gail Morton, Elizabeth Nelson, Connie Parent, Deb Prieto (Sr Warden), Chelsea Richmond, Wayne Szalma, and Jim Wynkoop. We are supported and guided by: Chuck Lezenby (Clerk), Diane Wall (Asst Clerk), Lee Braidwood (Treasurer), George Funk (Asst Treasurer), Deacon Carl Dunn, and Mother Susan Osborne-Mott.

Highlights from Spring Vestry Meetings

Vestry Notes from Meetings in March, April, May, June 2017

The Vestry authorized funds to insulate the roof of the rectory front porch and the rear eave, replace parish hall lighting, and renovate the choir room. We awarded the annual HVAC maintenance contract to Friedrich as recommended by the Property Committee after reviewing various bids. We also passed the annual fire inspection by the borough.

The Sunday School reported a year long high for attendance of 41 students! New tools that were introduced this spring as a supplement during Bible Story Time include a children’s lectionary newspaper and a hands-on wooden puzzle church seasons calendar. The Youth Group was congratulated on a very successful Harry Potter Night. Frank Jackson Jr, who graduated from high school, was awarded the Nancy Wasilnak scholarship this year.

Mother Susan hosted a Vestry Retreat at the Rectory on Saturday, March 25th where she led a wonderful day of building trust and communication. During a brainstorming session we shared our dreams for Good Shepherd, big and small. The Good Shepherd Vestry members are listed for you on the back of the weekly trifold and on our website.

Roger Baker presented a special report at the April meeting regarding status of the Endowment Committee. George Funk, Diane Wall, Roger Baker and Harvey Corbett were appointed to continue serving along with other committee members.

The Food Bank of SJ summer student meal program was evaluated and at the May and June meetings the Vestry voted to move forward with a pilot program at Good Shepherd this summer. Many of you are now volunteering to support this new ministry.

The need to schedule rooms and audio-visual tools through Maryanne is discussed at every meeting! A calendar and reservation forms are in the Parish Hall.

We happily completed the necessary contract and diocesan paperwork for our very own Deacon Carl Dunn.

Please see the Special Report regarding the Spring Stewardship Campaign and the new Squirrels’ Nest Reserve which were a big project this spring. Please keep us and our work for Good Shepherd in your prayers!

The Vestry: Sue Burkhard (Jr Warden), Len Clark, Jack Daugherty, Frank Jackson, Gail Morton, Elizabeth Nelson, Connie Parent, Deb Prieto (Sr Warden), Chelsea Richmond, Wayne Szalma, and Jim Wynkoop

We are supported and guided by: Chuck Lezenby (Clerk), Diane Wall (Asst Clerk), Lee Braidwood (Treasurer), George Funk (Asst Treasurer), and Mother Susan Osborne-Mott

Special Report: Spring Stewardship and the Squirrels’ Nest Reserve

We are blessed to have each other here at the Church of the Good Shepherd. As Mother Susan reminds us, we are the Church. The Vestry is grateful for all of your trust and support as we work together to keep us moving forward.

Together, we did something new this spring: we introduced the Squirrels’ Nest Reserve during the Spring Stewardship Campaign. Much gratitude to Claude Coulson and the Property Committee for creating the detailed spreadsheet predicting what we will need to periodically replace the big stuff: roof, boilers, AC, flooring, windows, etc. This inspired a collaborative effort that led to the Squirrels’ Nest Reserve. Keep in mind that unlike an endowment, this reserve fund will be continuously spent and replenished. More about that later.

The Spring Stewardship Campaign was conceived in the spirit of ministry, mission, gratitude, and growth. We started after Easter with a BBQ to celebrate the new ministry of Deacon Carl Dunn. The following week we celebrated Mission and Ministry with moving and uplifting stories about some of our myriad ministries at Good Shepherd. The stories were of parishioners working as the hands and feet of God in the world. The theme of the third week was Many Gifts One Spirit. What better way to wrap up Spring Stewardship than a Sunday School celebration honoring everyone who gave their time and love to our young parishioners? Truly the Holy Spirit at work among us! We are blessed!

The outcome of the Spring Stewardship Campaign reflects the generosity and love of our congregation.  In our recent Spring Stewardship Campaign for FY2018 there were 42 pledges.  Of these, 8 were new and 7 represented an increase. The net change relative to last year for these 42 pledges was +$12K.  That’s awesome! Some folks moved their pledge from fall to spring. Some pledged last spring and did not pledge this spring. We are blessed with new members at Good Shepherd who made new pledges, and there were others who pledged anew this spring … just about every possibility occurred. Many parishioners prefer to wait until fall to pledge, as this is the traditional time in the Episcopal church to make a commitment for the upcoming year. We will continue to provide this opportunity during our Fall Stewardship Campaign.

Something else to look forward to: a spotlight on growth. We recognize our growth as a parish as stewardship of our greatest gift: each other! The children of God. The people of our community and beyond.

Regarding the Squirrels’ Nest Reserve, George Funk is still counting coins. Keep them coming! Good Shepherd is blessed, we are blessed. Thank you all and praise God for our blessings!

The Stewardship Committee: Lee Braidwood, Claude Coulson, Jack Daugherty, George Funk,  Rich Harrington, Elizabeth Nelson, Deb Prieto, Chelsea Richmond, Jeff Snodgrass, Jim Wynkoop, Jason Vail, and Mother Susan Osborne-Mott

3rd Annual Soup Sale

The Women at the Well will be holding the 3rd Annual Soup Sale to benefit the Scholarship Fund on January 21st and 22nd. You can e-mail your order to Jenniffer Harrington at


Phone :______________________

I would like (indicate how many) at $8 each:

_____ Italian Wedding

_____ Chicken Noodle

_____ Vegetarian Chili

Paid/Owes:________ Pick-up Date:_______

We now accept credit/debit cards for soup sales.

Name Tag Sunday, Jan 8th

Join us for Name Tag Sunday
Sunday, January 8
Hosted by the Good Shepherd Greeters
During the Parish Breakfast and 10:00 service

If you are serving, please wear your name tag.
If you are a server but not serving, you are welcome to wear your name tag.
You can even bring your own snazzy name tag, if you like!
Plenty of name tags will be available.

How many people do you recognize but don’t know (or remember) their name?
We at Good Shepherd are known for our warm welcome,
Let’s warmly welcome each other by name!

Calling All Holly Fair Helpers!

Ho Ho Ho!
The Holly Fair is coming!
Saturday, December 3
Lots of jolly joyful ways to join the fun!

Here’s how you can show your love:

  • Be an angel and cook a chicken!
  • Roll up your sleeves and bake …
    Bake for the Cookie Room, Bake Shop, Restaurant
    Organize a baking party!
  • Volunteer as a Cashier – that’s a job that’s easy on the feet!
  • Cook another chicken!
    Chickens, chickens, we need lots of chickens!

If you can help out in any of these ways, please let us know!
Contact Jenniffer Harrington
Thank you!

Fall 2016 Stewardship Letter

October 2016

To Our Good Shepherd Family Members,

To kick off our Fall Stewardship Campaign, we must first say “Thank you!” for your continued support of our parish and its ministries. Together, we have accomplished many works within and outside of our parish to the greater glory of God. In the past twelve months, we have remodeled many of the rooms used by our youth, completely rehabilitated the bathrooms downstairs, brought Christmas joy to impoverished children in Camden, supported the local food pantry, and many other missions that “make things happen” throughout the region.

We are a parish of “doers.” Why do we do these things? The answer is often “because they need to get done.” We see this in 2 Timothy, God gave us “a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” We ask that you think of these words as you consider your gifts to Good Shepherd. These three ideas of power, love, and self-discipline can inform our gifts of time, talent and treasure. You decide how you can best support the parish and its mission. You decide what to give, how to give it, and where you can best contribute toward the future of this parish we love.

One of the aspects of stewardship is finance. During this Fall Stewardship Campaign we are asking you to consider how you can contribute in this aspect. An Estimate of Giving card is enclosed. We ask that you prayerfully examine your gift. Our combined gifts empower the Vestry to build our budget for 2017 and decide what projects we can accomplish. The Fall Campaign will close the last weekend of October with Wine and Cheese following the evening service on Saturday, October 29th and our traditional Soup Lunch after the morning service on Sunday, October 30th. The Vestry is hosting and everyone is invited! Please return your card by mail or email, bring it with you to one of the celebrations, or simply leave it in the offering plate by October 30th.

This letter is specifically for those of you who prefer to consider and make your pledge in the fall. If you have already pledged for next year, this committee, your Vestry, and the rest of your fellow parishioners are very grateful. Thank you!

At Good Shepherd our “spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline” provides great joy as we come together to give our time, use our talents, and gift our treasure to do God’s work.

Together in Christ,

The Stewardship Committee and Vestry of the Church of the Good Shepherd

Fall Stewardship Campaign

The Vestry and Stewardship Committee
announce the
Fall Stewardship Campaign
October 2016

To those parishioners who chose to pledge in the Spring:
Thank You!

Those who prefer Fall and did not pledge in the Spring
are now receiving letters with an Estimate of Giving Card
(aka Pledge Card)
Please let us know if you do not receive yours!

Estimate of Giving Cards will also be available at the back of the church during October

During services we will hear from parishioners and Mother Susan
with thoughts on stewardship
and what Good Shepherd means to them

Prayerfully consider your gift to support the work of Christ at Good Shepherd

Please return your card before or during the events celebrating Good Shepherd at the close of the campaign on the last weekend of October:

Wine & Cheese Sat Oct 29 after the 5:30 service
Traditional Soup Lunch Sun Oct 30 after the 10:00 service
hosted by the Vestry in thanks for the entire parish
Everyone is invited!

Inquirer’s Class meets August 7

The Inquirer’s Class for adults next meets this summer on August 7 to discuss “Embracing Mystery” from the series “Living the Questions.”  In our conversations all are free to share openly regarding their beliefs and/or struggles with questions surrounding our faith. We continue to meet on the first Sunday of the month in the Conference Room following the 10 a.m. service. Please join us!

Thank you, Father Dave!

Father Dave v 2

At this momentous time, we wish to recognize the marvelous leadership of the Rev. Dr. David L. Snyder during our parish’s transition period. During what could have been a trying time in the life of a church, Father Dave provided us with a stabilizing influence, wise and insightful instruction, and a well-timed sense of humor! Thank you, Father Dave. And thank you to your wife, Susan, who  supported you and brightened Good Shepherd with joy and love. We wish you both the best and we appreciate your gifts to us.

Father Dave’s ministry at Good Shepherd was celebrated at services November 21 and 22 with the Farewell Liturgy for an Interim Priest. We presented Father Dave with a special gift from our parish, a stained glass replica of the Good Shepherd Window, one of only fifty pieces commissioned for our centennial celebration in 2007. We pray that it will remind him of his year with us as our Temporary Shepherd.

God Speed, Father Dave!

November 2015 Discernment Committee Update: Our Final Update

The Discernment Committee is so very happy with the calling of our new priest, the Rev. Susan E. Osborne-Mott! We are bursting with joy! We look forward to the first week of Advent, November 28-29 when Mother Susan will begin her ministry at Good Shepherd.

We, as members of this committee, have developed a special closeness and trust working together as a team over the past year. In many ways we involved the entire parish. Together we described ourselves in the Profile and Portfolio. We asked for help from many of you with specific expertise. The committee moved on to engage deeply with many caring priests. We made our final recommendations to the Vestry and supported the Vestry through the final phase. We are very grateful for your prayers and honored with your trust through this process. Our service to Good Shepherd in this capacity has come to an end, and now we look forward to directing our individual and collective energy to the ministries at Good Shepherd that we love AND to new and exciting ministries to come. We are bringing lots of new concepts and ideas with us that grew from our intensive work together as the Discernment Committee.

We know that you will love Mother Susan! We all fell in love with her and are very excited for all of you to get to know her too. We know that she and her husband Brad are just as excited as we are. Mother Susan is energetic yet calm, highly spiritual and joyful. She engages children and young people. She is a collaborator. She is a good listener. The Holy Spirit was on the Discernment Committee with us … we listened … we know that this is God’s will!

Go ahead and ask questions, we are now able to talk to you about Mother Susan! We recommend, however, that you join in the plans to welcome her and her family, then come celebrate and worship with Mother Susan and Good Shepherd on November 28th or 29th.

Thank you, Good Shepherd family! Thank you, God!

The 2014-2015 Good Shepherd Discernment Committee
Roger Baker, Aimee Burgin, Pat Braidwood, Len Clark, Becky Goff, Stuart Lynd, Elizabeth Nelson, Deb Prieto, Mark Nicolle (our awesome Chairman!), Chelsea Richmond, Tom Rigg, Chris Southwick, Jeff Snodgrass, Wayne Szalma, Diane Wall, Jim Wynkoop