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Sunday School Has Resumed!

Hello to all of our wonderful families!

We have great news! Sunday School resumed at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday, September 18th.

We are in the process of securing volunteer teachers and preparing a new, fully Episcopal curriculum modeled on our Sunday worship, and are hoping to be able to offer four classes this year, including: infant to pre-K; 1st through 3rd grade; 4th through 6th grade; and 7th thru 12th grade. We will also plan monthly group sessions where all classes will come together to work on a fun and enriching project, and will plan to host monthly group sessions throughout Summer 2023.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate this year, please complete the Student Registration form at:

Adults interested in volunteering to teach or serve as aides should complete the Teacher Registration form below as well. Previous teaching experience is NOT required. If this is your first time teaching or assisting with Sunday School, or if you have questions about our new curriculum, don’t worry! We will provide guidance along the way! A training session and information relating to the new curriculum will be available in advance of our start date. The Teacher Registration form can be accessed here:  

Any questions regarding the Sunday School program may be directed to Jaclyn and Brad Davies at

We look forward to seeing you all soon!
~Jackie and Brad

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In-Person Sunday School Returns!!

We have great news! In-person Sunday School will resume at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday, September 12th (Homecoming Sunday). 

Three classes will be offered: pre-K thru 1st grade; 2nd grade thru 7th grade; and 8th grade thru 12th grade. 

All students and teachers will be required to wear masks (regardless of vaccination status), and recommended social distancing protocols will be in place.

If you would like your child to participate this year, please complete the Student Registration form link below. 

Student Registration Form

Adults interested in volunteering to teach or serve as aides should complete the Teacher Registration form at the link below as well. Previous teaching experience is not required. If this is your first time teaching or assisting with Sunday School, don’t worry! We will provide guidance along the way!

Teacher Registration Form

Any questions regarding the Sunday School program may be directed to Jaclyn and Brad Davies at We are so excited to see all of our Sunday School families again, and cannot wait for the new program year to begin! We hope that you will join us!!

When Sunday School Went Virtual

–for Jaclyn Davies

What a year we have all had! The second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 has been such a unique experience for so many people, especially students and educators, who had to learn how to navigate the virtual learning environment. Although the Church of the Good Shepherd had to close its doors for awhile and, as a result, suspend the in-person Sunday School program, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to offer Sunday School programming for our Church families virtually during the Lenten Season of 2021.

During this five-week online program, the children attended live virtual sessions, and learned many valuable lessons about God’s love for all of us. Both teachers and students alike benefited from the lively discussions and fun activities.

During the Week #1 session, we discussed the topics of kindness and forgiveness. Our Pre-K through 1st grade group learned about the story of “The Kind Man”, based on Luke 10:25-37, and discussed various ways they can show kindness to others. The older children learned the story of “The Unmerciful Servant”, based on Matthew 18:21-35, and discussed the importance of forgiving others.

In Week #2, the children learned that God loves us unconditionally. We discussed some of the parables that Jesus used to teach about this unconditional love that God has for us, as well as continuing last week’s discussions about forgiveness. The children shared their thoughts about how God’s love is different than people’s love, why it’s important to love and forgive others because God loves us, and ways in which we can all follow Jesus’ example to love others.

For the Week #3 session, the children learned about the importance of giving. They heard a bible story about a poor widow who gave everything she had as an offering to her church, and how even though her offering was very small, Jesus considered it to be far greater than the rich people who gave only the extra money they had left over after buying everything they wanted. Jesus taught that when we give, we worship and honor God. The children discussed how giving an offering is one way to thank God and show that we love him. We talked about the many wonderful ways our church uses the offerings our church community provides to share the good news about Jesus’ love. Finally, the children learned that God wants us to be cheerful givers. We shouldn’t give because we feel we have to. Rather, we should give because we love God and want to worship him! God has given us everything we have, and giving back to the church is a way to say thank you for all that God has given us.

In Week #4, This week in Sunday school, we talked about a very important verse in the Bible: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” The children listened to a bible story about how Jesus was welcomed by the people. Then, the children discussed how exciting parades can be, and how they would feel if they saw Jesus riding down their street. We also talked about what it means to be a Christian. The children learned that a Christian is someone who admits our sin, believes in Jesus, and confesses that Jesus is our Savior. They also learned that Christians should obey God’s commands, follow his plan, and tell others about Jesus. Finally, we discussed the Good News that God loves us and he planned from the beginning to send Jesus. He knew that people would disobey him and sin. Sin separates us from God, but God sent his perfect son Jesus here to die for our sins because he loves us. The children discussed how it makes them feel to know that God loves us all that much.

For our final lesson during Week #5, we learned about the importance of Easter, and how it is a time to remember how Jesus died on the cross and came back to life. We encouraged the children to take time to thank God and celebrate that Jesus is alive. We also discussed various ways that we can all celebrate the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection with all of our family, friends and neighbors.

The program culminated with a fun Easter Egg Hunt held on the Church grounds. Although we made sure to follow recommended social distancing and masking protocols, all of the families who attended had a wonderful time!

We are so thankful to the families who participated in this program! It was a true blessing to be able to share the Lenten Season with our Sunday School community, despite the difficult situation created by the pandemic. We look forward to returning to Church in the fall for in-person classes and family-friendly activities!

Sunday School starts this weekend!

As the new leaders of the Sunday School Program, Brad and I would like to welcome you all to the start of the 2019/2020 Sunday School year. We had a wonderful time leading our church’s youngest members in several youth fellowship activities over the summer, and cannot wait to start the new school year.

Sunday school begins this Sunday, September 8th. We will begin the year with a group session so that everyone can meet each other and find out about the activities for the year.

Because we’re new to the program, we’d like to take the opportunity to meet all of the children and their parents in person. For this reason, we have decided to conduct in-person registration for the 2019/2020 year. You can register your child for the upcoming school year at the Church Block Party on Saturday, September 7th, or in the Parish Hall between 9:00 AM and 9:50 AM on Sunday, September 8th. For those unable to register in person, please email me at with the following information: child’s name, child’s birthday, child’s grade, parent(s) name, preferred contact number, preferred email address, whether child is a returning or new student.

The schedule for the 2019/2020 school year includes six terms, each consisting of five individual classroom sessions and one group session (exception: term one will have 4 individual classroom sessions and two group activities). We have some great activities planned, but in order to ensure we have another successful year, we need your help! Please prayerfully consider volunteering for one of the many volunteer roles within our program throughout this school year. Contact me for more information


Jackie Davies

2018-2019 Comes to a Close

Days are getting longer and the hint of summer warmth is in the air! Hard to believe this Sunday is our last Sunday School session of the school year!

As most of you know, our Sunday School program is always evolving.  We are constantly looking for ways to breathe new life into our program.  This year we introduced Outreach Activities at the start of our classroom sessions.  The students worked on activities like “Color a Smile”, painting pumpkins and making greeting cards for Vets and Bucket Fillers.

Speaking of changes, my term as Sunday School director will come to a close this May.  I began leading the program in 2016 alongside Jenniffer Harrington and was joined this year by Kathy Pastiu.  Going forward, Brad and Jackie Davies have graciously agreed to lead the program.  Brad and Jackie have been members of Good Shepherd for the past few years and are actively involved in Sunday School, both teaching in the classroom and leading Youth Fellowship activities.    I am absolutely thrilled to have Brad and Jackie lead our program and look forward to watching it continue to evolve and grow.

Please join us this Sunday for our last lesson of the school year.  The students will be working together on a Youth Fellowship exercise to create bookmarks for our newcomers.  Next Sunday we will honor our students and teacher volunteers during announcements followed by an ice cream party for the students!

On a personal note, it has been my absolute pleasure leading Sunday School for the past three years and incredibly rewarding getting to know your children and watching them grow.  Thank you for your commitment to our program and all of the support you have provided!




Halfway through and we need YOU!

Hard to believe the Christmas pageant and Holly Fair are behind us and we are halfway through another Sunday School year!  The kids have had quite a busy first half!

Earlier in the year, we mentioned kicking off Youth Outreach Activities in lieu of a bible story (of course, we still welcome Bible Storyteller volunteers).  During those activities, the children have decorated pumpkins for Pitman Manor, colored pages for “Color a Smile”, left their mark on our Outreach bulletin board, and more!  We have a few more outreach activities planned including Valentines for Vets.

img_0570In addition to outreach, we’ve held two Youth Fellowship activities.  Youth Fellowship activities are a chance for children of all grade levels to come together and for a special lesson and project.  Two more are planned for the second half of the year.

How can you help? We’d love ideas for organizations in need for our outreach activities.  We could also use volunteers to lead a Youth Fellowship activity.  Also, we are in need of two to four teacher volunteers for two remaining school year terms.  Finally, we’d love IDEAS!  As is typical for this time of year, attendance is lower.  Perhaps it’s those cold, frosty Sunday mornings or the long list of kid activities that always seem to take over our weekends or maybe something else.  Please reach out to Kathy or me if you have ideas on how to rev up our program and as always THANK YOU for your support!


Youth Outreach

A few weeks ago, parishioners met to discuss plans for our upcoming Sunday school year.  One topic on the agenda was our Bible Story program.  For those unfamiliar, at the start of class each Sunday, a parishioner volunteer would spend 10 minutes telling a bible story to the students.  For MANY years Pat Braidwood has dedicated her time leading this activity and scheduling volunteer storytellers each Sunday.  After prayerful consideration, Pat has decided to step down.
Due to this, along with  declining volunteers over the past few years, we’ve decided to repurpose the program slightly.
  •  Four times during the school year, Mother Susan will visit with the children at 10am (former Bible Story time) to discuss various stages of Church year using a wooden calendar. The students will have the opportunity to connect with Mother Susan, while also gaining understanding of how we progress through the Church year
  • We will introduce on-going service projects the children will work as a group (all grades together in the all purpose room) for the first 10-15 minutes. Service projects will range from Project Linus, placemats for Meals on Wheels and various other outreach activities. (Please let us know if you have other ideas for service projects.)
  • During the time of the pageant, children who are in the pageant will use the Bible Story time to rehearse while students not in the pageant will work on the service project.
  • In the event parishioners would still like to volunteer to tell a Bible Story, they are MORE THAN WELCOME to do so!! Please contact Amanda or Kathy if you are interested.  We’d love to have you!
We are excited about the various aspects of our Sunday school program and the opportunity for our children to learn about God’s love and our Church through various activities and programs!

High School Guest Speaker Volunteers


More commonly, churches maintain their youth Christian education program for grades K through eighth.  At Good Shepherd, we believe it’s important (arguably even more important) for our older kids to participate in some sort of youth education program.  Let’s face it, high school is tough–and it seems kids face even more challenges these days.

One of the goals of our Sunday school program is to not only provide our children the knowledge of God’s love, but also understand how His love can help guide them even after they exit the ‘big red doors’ each Sunday.  For our High School students, this means providing the opportunity to hear how our adult parishioners implement their faith into their day-to-day lives.  One way we do this is through our High School guest speaker program.

Last year the students were fortunate to engage and interact with some of our adult parishioners; hearing first hand about challenges, overcoming obstacles, volunteer work,  and other topics that demonstrate the act of implementing the guidance and support they receive through knowing and understanding God’s love.

After each guest speaker discussion, we always receive very positive feedback from the students. High schooler, Victoria Nelson shares her experience with the program.”

“Having guest speakers coming into the high school class has given me a different perspective on how others live their daily lives.  The guest speakers speak on a topic that relates to their job or something they have to deal with; they talk on how their church life and faith helps them get through this thing they talk about.  This exposes us to other careers, organizations, and issues going on that we can do or help with.  When the speakers come into the class, they allow use to have a better idea of why having a faith in the “real world” is important.”

We typically include a guest speaker as each month as part of the high school curriculum.  In order to continue this program’s success, we need your help! Please contact Amanda McNally or Kathy Pastiu if you’d like to be a guest speaker or would like to know more about the program.

Sunday School 2018/2019 Preparations

The classrooms are quiet during these lazy, hot days of summer but before we know it, when the bell rings during the service, the children will soon be flooding through the doors to join their families.  The start of the 2018/2019 Sunday School year is only eight Sundays away and preparations are in full swing!

Registration for the 2018/2019 year is open using the registration link here.  The calendar is now posted and we have some great activities planned, but in order to ensure we have another successful year, we need your help!  Please prayerfully consider volunteering for one of the many volunteer roles within our program.  A few areas you can consider lending a hand…


We know you’re busy so we’ve simplified the teaching process.  Teachers now volunteer for four to five-week terms and are paired with a partner (you are welcome to choose your teaching partner).  Curriculum is simple with no prep needed and although its self-explanatory, we do offer training for anyone interested.

Sign up to teach on the board in the Parish Hall or contact Amanda McNally or Kathy Pastiu.

Bible Story-tellers:

Unable to commit to a teaching term but still enjoy working with kids?  Volunteering to tell a Bible story is for you!  Our story-tellers select a Sunday of their choosing to spend 10 to 15 minutes at the start of the service telling a Bible story to the children.

Sign up to tell a Bible story on the board in the Parish Hall or contact Pat Braidwood.

Youth Fellowship Leaders:

Four Sundays per year we hold a Youth Fellowship lesson with the entire Sunday School. Youth Fellowship can be a lesson based on the lectionary or an outreach activity.

Interested in leading a Youth Fellowship?  Sign up on the board in the Parish Hall or contact Amanda or Kathy.  We can help you choose and plan your activity.

Committee Leaders:

Prefer to help out ‘behind the scenes’?  Starting this year, we will be re-introducing Sunday School committees which will include; Program Events, Teacher Recruitment and Children’s Snack.  More information regarding committees will be forthcoming.  If you are interested in signing up for a committee, please contact Amanda or Kathy.


Whether you decide volunteer or simply register your child to attend, we are thrilled you are a part of our Sunday School program and are looking forward to another successful year!




Youth Sunday Recap

Two weeks ago, the youngest parishioners volunteered to take on key roles throughout the service at our Youth Sunday.  Some read, others greeted parishoners as they arrived and some even had the chance to be Lay Eucharistic Ministers!  Youth Sunday gives kids a chance to actually be a part of the service; helping them learn by doing!

Thank you to all the kids who volunteered!  (It certainly isn’t easy to stand in front of the entire congregation!)  Great work!



Seven weeks in…

Seven weeks of the 2017/2018 Sunday School year are now behind us!  In those seven short weeks we’ve already finished the first term, held a Youth Fellowship, listened to guest speakers in our High School class, and begun preparations for our Christmas Pageant!  We are certainly busy at Good Shepherd!

With all these activities we plan for the kids, I often think about the intention.  Mother Susan spoke two Sundays ago during the homely about our Good Shepherd family.  She stated church can be–should be–for a lifetime.    Why do we hold Youth Fellowships four times a year?  What do we really want our children to leave with when they exit their classroom and head through the double doors into the service?  Most likely, we all have various opinions of what we hope our children take away each Sunday.  For me, I want two things.  I want them to know Jesus loves them and I want them to know they have a family at Good Shepherd.

I’ve been attending Good Shepherd since the age of seven and have grown up with many of the parishioners who attend today.  When I walk through those doors each Sunday I feel at peace; I feel safe.  I feel no matter how stressful the work week has been or how much craziness life in general brings; feeling God’s presence and seeing the familiar faces of those I’ve known for many years or have just met just a few months ago–lets me know I’m exactly where I need to be.

So for me, that is what I hope your children get out of our Sunday School program.  I hope they feel the comfort that spirituality and family can bring.  And I hope that years from now, when I’m sitting in that first pew on the left side, I look back and see the faces of the “kids of Good Shepherd” sitting with their kids.


Another summer has flown by and the start of Sunday School for the 2017/2018 season is just around the corner–this coming Sunday, in fact!  It seems like just yesterday we were thanking our teachers and applauding our students for a great 2016/2017 year.


We kicked off the new season with a successful Homecoming BBQ last weekend.  It was wonderful to see our church family come back “home” to our parish; sharing a meal and catching up.  Thanks to our Vestry for all the yummy food and our congregation for all the delicious desserts!


I have to say, I am super excited for this school season!  Our schedule is packed with exciting Youth Fellowship lessons, bible stories, new Buzz curriculum boxes for each classroom (including Preschool!), Outreach projects and even a few Youth Sunday’s where the kids take on lead roles throughout the service.

Speaking of exciting activities planned, we’ll be having our first (well…first in at least 10 years) Bring a Friend Sunday on October 1st.  We are inviting all of our Sunday School kids to bring a friend!  Each child that brings a friend will be entered in a raffle for a gift card and other goodies!

I hope you join us next Sunday.  I’ll be downstairs in the classrooms if you have any questions or would like to chat.  And if you haven’t yet registered, its super easy! Just click the link at the top of the Sunday School page that says “Sunday School Registration”.

Looking forward to a fantastic Sunday School year!



Sunday School Commitees

While Sunday School has taken a break for summer recess, it’s the perfect time to tell you about our Sunday School committees.

Our Sunday School is led by Amanda McNally and Jenniffer Harrington, however,  they do not run the program alone!  Seven committees make up the entire program, each an important component to a thriving Sunday School.  We invite you to read through the description of each committee below.  In early August we’ll hold our 2017/2018 Sunday School planning meeting and we hope you to attend!  If you are interested in joining a committee, we’d love to have you!  Fresh ideas and eager hands are what make our program a success!

  • Student Registration/Attendance : Without students, we have no Sunday School program.  This committee is responsible for driving attendance and scouting new attendees through social media, mail, email and various other methods.  This commitee is also responsible for ensuring consistent attendance.
  • Teacher Recruitment:  While students are critical to our program; we need folks to teach them!  This committee is responsible for maintaining a full roster of teacher volunteers as well as helping with teacher training and appreciation.
  • Bible Story Committee:  At 10am each Sunday, our students begin Sunday School by gathering as a larger group to hear a bible story as told or read by a parishioner volunteer.   This committee is responsible for identifying, scheduling and notifying the volunteers.  They are also responsible for providing recommendations to determine which stories are told each school season.
  • Children’s Snack:  At the end of the service, the children gather with their families in the Parish Hall where a snack table is set up especially for our youth parishioners.  This committee is responsible for set up of the table and coordinating snack donations.
  • Youth Fellowship/Special Events:  Our Sunday School program goes well beyond classroom learning.  Several times a year our students participate in Youth Fellowship group lessons and other special events or outreach.  This committee is responsable for developing those events and coordinating the details.

Please prayerfully consider joining one of our committees!  Look for an announcement soon regarding our August planning meeting.  We’d love to have you!



That’s a Wrap!

In just three short days, we will be closing the chapter on the 2016/2017 school year.  As I sit here preparing to celebrate our teacher volunteers this Sunday and award our spectacular students the following Sunday, I can truly say I am overcome with emotion.

Last August, on some of the hottest days of summer, several dedicated parishioners spent weeks scrubbing, painting, hammering, hauling and preparing for our 2016/2017 school year.  Several nights were spent gathering in the conference room poring over ideas, survey results and countless curriculums (no really….countless).  We planned committees, dissected small details and dug in–finalizing the kick off of the school year.  No detail was left unplanned and it truly did “take a village”.  We had two simple goals: more teachers, higher attendance.

Just three days shy of our final day, I am so unbelievably proud to say…mission accomplished!  We had more than THIRTY FIVE teacher volunteers this year (and even had two teachers per classroom).  Our attendance on a few weeks hit over 40 and averaged in the low thirties.  Some days our high school room was ‘standing room only’.

I am so proud of the work done by our committee members Elizabeth Nelson, Pat Braidwood, Jen Handley, Lori Bathurst, Dana Szilier, Jack Daugherty and Chris Southwick and the incredible generosity of all our teacher volunteers!  And I am so very thankful for my Sunday School partner, Jenn Harrington.

I hope you all join us this Sunday for a wonderful tribute to our teachers and next Sunday as we recognize our students.

I’m looking forward to the 2017/2018 school year!




Sunday School Second Half Wrap Up

Hard to believe we are winding down the 2016/2017 Sunday School year.  We kicked off the second half of the year introducing several new iniatives, activities and an outreach opportunity.

In January, we began our High School Guest Speaker program.  We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to this program.  Topics have been quite diverse ranging from volunteer opportunites,  batteling illnesses,  stress management and more.  Attendance has flourished in our High School class with some Sunday’s at standing room only!

In February, our kids participated in a Youth Fellowship on Miracles.  Lori Bathurst and Dana Szilier led the group in an interactive discussion followed by two activites.

In March, we introduced the Sunday Paper.  This weekly periodical is sent home with the students each Sunday offering lectionary based stories and activites–a great complient to our Buzz curriclum.

April has been quite busy as well!  Many generous parishoners donated snacks to help us prepare Snack Bags for the Angels of God Snack Bag program.  This program provides snacks to less fortunate youth in the Gloucester County area.  On Palm Sunday, the kids decorated brown paper lunch bags and filled them to the brim with lots of yummy, healthy snacks!  Bags were then donated to Angels of God in Pitman.  During the Youth Fellowship, the students also took part in a Palm Sunday story and craft–certainly a busy day for our kids!

Following our Easter Sunday service, the kids were treated to an Egg Hunt hosted by our Youth Group.  The children eagerly anticpate this annual tradition and love searching for eggs filled with treasures and treats.


This coming Sunday starts the final teaching term for the 2016/2017 school year.  The last day of Sunday School will be May 7th.  We will be continuing with Buzz curriculum as well as the Sunday Paper for the 2017/2018 school year.  As always we welcome and appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback!