Staff and Lay Leadership

Parish Administrator – Maryanne Charlton
Maryanne, our amazing and incredibly efficient Parish Administrator, coordinates all parish communications and records, working with staff, ministry leaders, and the Rector. Starting at Good Shepherd in 2009, she has overseen and encouraged the transition from paper to electronic communications.  This includes coordinating a myriad of schedules and putting together a monthly Master schedule, the Shepherd’s Crook newsletter, the annual report, and other internal communications, many sent by email. At the same time she graciously continues paper mailings to parishioners as needed. Maryanne runs the “Parish Print Shop” creating covers, content, and inserts for weekly Service Leaflets under the guidance of the Rector. She handles all of this with the most wonderful calm and competence!

Director of Music Ministries – Meg Cornely
Meg began leading the Music Ministry at Good Shepherd in September 2011. To everyone’s delight, Meg has reintroduced the Adult and Children’s Bell Choirs to supplement the Adult and Children’s Vocal Choirs. Meg directs all four choirs with gentle grace and elegance, selecting the music and leading weekly rehearsals with strong musicianship and professionalism. Meg also coordinates beautiful praise music for special events such as the Lenten Cantata and the Christmas Pageant. Good Shepherd is blessed to have Meg leading us in our musical celebration of God’s gifts.

Sexton – Maria Szalma
Quoting Rodgers and Hammerstein, “How do you find the word that means Maria?” Energetic, fun, funny, kind, dedicated, loyal, faithful! With her tremendous generosity of spirit, Maria is always looking to help out everywhere. She does it all, making everything sparkle, including our spirits. Maria is a person you want to meet, for your life will be enriched!

Volunteer Staff
We have a robust team of volunteer staff at Good Shepherd. This team handles all sorts of important jobs including Christian Education for children and adults, all of our youth programs, website and social media, rectory and property repairs and improvements, gardening and landscaping, and major cleaning on various workdays through the year.

Vestry and Wardens
The eleven voting members of the Vestry are elected by vote of the congregation at our Annual Meeting each January. In addition to the Senior Warden and Junior Warden, there are nine general Vestry members. The Vestry term is three years in rotation, with three new members elected each year. The Vestry elects the clerk and the treasurers, which are non-voting positions. The Vestry meets monthly with the Rector to administer the business of the church with a range of duties that include stewardship and budget development, oversight of daily church operations, property decisions and maintenance, and appointment of special committees. Vestry members serve on various Vestry committees and as Vestry liaisons to coordinate with ministry leadership for all activities and ministries at Good Shepherd.

Senior Warden:  Deb Prieto
Junior Warden: Len Clark
Class of 2018:  Jack Daugherty, Elizabeth Nelson, Diane Wall
Class of 2019:  Frank Jackson, Gail Morton, Jim Wynkoop
Class of 2020:  Lauren Kaltwasser, Steve Mackay, Georgeanne Moore
Clerk of the Vestry:  Chuck Lezenby
Assistant Clerk: Aimee Burgin
Treasurer:  Lee Braidwood
Assistant Treasurer:  George Funk

Lay Leadership
In addition to the Vestry, there are lay ministry leaders for each of our ministries at Good Shepherd. We are a parish of faithful and joyful do-ers. This is part of our commitment, our fellowship, our stewardship, our spiritual journey. This is who we are at Good Shepherd!

Acolytes:  Jeff Bathurst
Adult Forum (formerly Inquirers’ Group):  Mel Caron
Altar Guild:  Shelly Harris
Bible Study:  Mother Susan Osborne-Mott
Brotherhood of Saint Andrew:  Wayne Szalma
Camden Christmas:  Deacon Carl Dunn
Caring Hands:  Pat Braidwood
Christmas Pageant:  Mother Susan
Coffee Hour:  Lee Braidwood
Columbarium:  Diane Wall
Crop Hunger Walk:  Gail Morton & Connie Parent
Endowment Committee:  Roger Baker
EFM – Education for Ministry:  Chuck Lezenby
Family Promise:  Sue Dixon
Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund:  Diane Wall & Janice Gowland
Greeters/Newcomers:  Deb Prieto
History Museum:  Ellie Dunn
Holly Fair:  Rich & Jenniffer Harrington
Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM):  Chuck Lezenby
Lay Eucharistic Visitors:  Mother Susan
Lending Library:  Shelly Harris
Offering Counters:  George Funk
Office Ministry:  Connie Parent
Outreach:  Ellie Dunn
Page Turners Book Group:  Janice Gowland
Pray-er Ministry:  Barbara Elliott
Prayer Warriors:  Shelly Harris
Publicity:  Beth Portocalis & Maureen Wynkoop
Quilt Guild:  Shelly Harris
Sunday School:  Amanda McNally & Kathy Pastiu
Ushers:  Wayne Szalma
Website and Social Media: Jim & Maureen Wynkoop, webmaster
Women at the Well – ECW:  Diane Wall
Youth Group:  Chelsea Richmond & Maria Szalma
Youth Instrumental Ensemble:  Jim Wynkoop

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