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Sunday School will resume Sunday, September 18th!

Hello to all of our wonderful families!

We have great news! Sunday School will resume at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday, September 18th.

We are in the process of securing volunteer teachers and preparing a new, fully Episcopal curriculum modeled on our Sunday worship, and are hoping to be able to offer four classes this year, including: infant to pre-K; 1st through 3rd grade; 4th through 6th grade; and 7th thru 12th grade. We will also plan monthly group sessions where all classes will come together to work on a fun and enriching project, and will plan to host monthly group sessions throughout Summer 2023.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate this year, please complete the Student Registration form at:

Adults interested in volunteering to teach or serve as aides should complete the Teacher Registration form below as well. Previous teaching experience is NOT required. If this is your first time teaching or assisting with Sunday School, or if you have questions about our new curriculum, don’t worry! We will provide guidance along the way! A training session and information relating to the new curriculum will be available in advance of our start date. The Teacher Registration form can be accessed here:  

Any questions regarding the Sunday School program may be directed to Jaclyn and Brad Davies at

We look forward to seeing you all soon!
~Jackie and Brad

From the Vestry of Good Shepherd, Pitman

The CDC has established COVID-19 Community Levels, which are a new tool to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low (green), medium (yellow), or high (red); and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area. Data Provided by the CDC with updates every Thursday by 8 pm ET. The link to the CDC Community levels can be found here:

Gloucester County is currently rated Low/Green. If rated as Low, the CDC states people may choose to mask at any time. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask. (If you are immunocompromised, learn more about how to protect yourself.)

Vestry at their meeting on Sunday amended the existing COVID policy, and in accordance with the current CDC guidelines, effective immediately masks will now be optional as long as Gloucester County remains in the Green/Low level.

The CDC updates will be checked every Friday morning, and if Gloucester County’s level has changed to yellow or red, the requirement for everyone to wear masks will be re-instituted.

Interview with Reverend Andrew Reinholz

Please enjoy this short Q&A with our incoming Rector, Father Andrew Reinholz. Hear from Father Andrew for the first time around these topics and more:

How was he called to the priesthood?

How did he find us here in Pitman? What’s his favorite church season?

What can we do to help the transition for him, Mother Kim, and the children?

This introductory conversation was hosted by Jeff Bathurst, who served as Chair of the Discernment Committee. Look for other opportunities to ask Father Andrew questions in the coming weeks, and make sure to join us for services on March 20th to welcome him for his first Sunday at Good Shepherd!

Zoom Coffee Hour announcement from Beth Portocalis

In follow-up to multiple requests and as endorsed by Vestry, I have scheduled a Zoom “Virtual Coffee Hour” to immediately follow this Sunday’s 10am service.   

Please see your Flocknote email for meeting details as they will not be made available publicly.

This is an appropriate time to roll it out, as the increasing infection rate may discourage parishioners from attending in person and instead utilizing the YouTube live stream.   

I will host the Zoom – if you are willing to host in the future, please let me know!   

Many thanks, and wishing you each a safe, healthy and blessed New Year. Beth 

Camden Christmas 2021 — Brotherhood of Saint Andrew

 Camden Christmas 2021 is scheduled and ready to go! This year, we are giving you the opportunity to participate by selecting the names of children that are hanging on the Christmas tree we have set up in the Parish Hall at Good Shepherd! You and your family can take as many Tags as you like!   Beginning this Sunday, November 7th, you may go into the Parish Hall, take a tag off the tree.  

The Tag has the following information:
     1. Child’s Name
     2. Gender and Age
     3. Classroom # (that will be either Room #5, Room #6, or Room #10)

You purchase the gifts, bring the gifts to the Church, and make sure the Tag is attached to the gifts on November 21! It’s that simple!    (Please, do NOT wrap the gifts.)

On November 21st*, following the 10:00am service, we will bring the Christmas gifts into the Parish Hall and celebrate with a Hot Dog and smores Luncheon (in the courtyard and Parish Hall) – sponsored by the Brotherhood of St Andrew!   So, beginning this Sunday, November 7th, take a tag and enjoy the feeling that comes from helping so many children.

(While checking out the Camden Christmas gift tags, please sign up to volunteer for the Hol-Lee Fair!)

Merry Christmas and thank you for bringing joy into the lives of children in Camden.

Deacon Carl and all the Brotherhood of St. Andrew at Good Shepherd,
609 868 7102

*Gifts can be delivered to the church through Sunday, December 5th.