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Easter Service Schedule

  The Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church of Pitman (Gloucester County) is pleased to announce its Lenten schedule of services, including Holy Week and Easter.   Good Shepherd, which is celebrating its 115th anniversary in 2022, has an active and welcoming congregation and has resumed in-person services as well as live-streaming services on its website and YouTube channel, which are available for viewing at any time.    

         Holy Week is the most important time of the year for Christians.  Beginning on Ash Wednesday, the days that lead up to Easter Sunday precede the most significant event of the Christian year, and the cornerstone of faith—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Holy Week is one continuous service that begins on Palm Sunday and ends with chants of Alleluia at the end of Easter Sunday services.

The Church of the Good Shepherd’s complete Lenten schedule is as follows:


Tuesday & Wednesday Mornings in the Chapel & on Zoom

9:00 am


Monday evenings

7:00 pm via Zoom with Father Don & Mel Caron


Every FRIDAY at 7:00 pm


SATURDAYS  at 5:30 pm (Contemplative Prayer at 4:30 pm)

SUNDAYS at 10:00 am (Contemplative Prayer at 9:00 am)


Saturday, April 9th at 5:30 pm – Blessing of the Palms & Holy Eucharist

Sunday, April 10th at 10:00 am – Blessing of the Palms & Holy Eucharist


Wednesday, April 13th at 7:00 pm


Thursday, April 14th   

7:00 pm – Holy Eucharist and The Stripping of the Altar

8:00 pm until midnight – The Watch before the Altar of Repose & the Labyrinth


Friday, April 15th     

8:00 am and 2:00 pm – Reconciliation   

10:00 am – Children’s Service & Stations of the Cross                                                                                                   

12:00 noon – Adult Stations of the Cross

7:00 pm – Mass of the Pre-Sanctified Service


Saturday, April 16th 

7:00 pm – The Great Vigil of Easter and Holy Eucharist (*No 5:30 pm Service)


Sunday, April 17th 

10:00 am – Festival Eucharist with Easter Music and the “flowering” of the Easter Cross

Pitman Yard Sale

Pitman will be hosting its annual Town Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, June 5th, from 8:00 am until at least noon; and the Vestry has voted to participate by selling the accumulated donations that we have in storage from last year’s missed Holly Fair. All proceeds will be directed to the Holly Fair account and the Church projects it supports.

We are looking for a few parishioners to assist with the setup early that morning, breakdown at the conclusion of the event, as well as “sales” help throughout the morning.

Please email April c/o or
Beth Portocalis at to sign up.

Donations of items to include in the Yard Sale will also be accepted up to the morning of the event. (Please, no clothing or linens…Christmas decorations will be held till this year’s Holly Fair.)

You may coordinate a donation drop-off with April via the above email or
by calling the Church Office at 856-589-8209. Tables or Spaces are available to those who wish to sell their own items for a donation of $15.00 (per Table or Space). To reserve Tables or Spaces, contact April via the above email or by calling the Church Office at 856-589-8209.

8:00 a.m. to Noon
Saturday, June 5th
Church of the Good Shepherd, 315 Highland Terrace, Pitman

Block Party – September 7th, 4 – 8 p.m.

Everyone welcome! New date September 7th, 4-8 pm.

Come join the fun at our bigger and better Block Party!
Compete for first place prize in our Inaugural Corn Hole Tournament led by Brian K Startare. We’ve got DJ Joey Mack and live musical performance by singer Lisa Travis, Face Painting by Cheryl Burness, Inflatable Bounce, Latin food and more, Snow Cones, and the amazing Doughlicous homemade edible cookie dough by Katie Plianthos!

We will be on Wildwood Avenue at the corner of Highland Terrace, — we have a permit to close the street! Yard games are FREE! Come and play!

Holly Fair – Saturday, December 7th!

The Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church of Pitman is pleased to announce that it will hold it’s 50th annual “Holly Fair” on Saturday, December 7th from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Popular with area residents celebrating the start of the Christmas season, the Holly Fair features 25 area crafters with a wide array of unique handmade gifts, including home-made crafts done by Church parishioners.

16518334646_032a63be57_o (1)Food abounds in the Good Shepherd Restaurant, featuring homemade soups, sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and more! Take out service is also available. A variety of delicious holiday favorite homemade baked goods will also be offered and our popular cookie by the pound offer is returning! The popular St. Nick’s children’s craft center is returning, and bargains galore can be found in the Christmas Store, the Dollar Store and the More than a Dollar Store featuring new and gently used holiday decorations, household items, gifts and trinkets.

16542461061_3d8ac024c8_o A limited supply of fresh wreaths and grave blankets will be available for sale, but come early as they are always a sell-out. The Good Shepherd Choir will be performing throughout the day to entertain you while you shop. With caroling, the smell of soups and baked goods, and the colors of Christmas abounding, you’ll really get into the spirit of the season! Good Shepherd is conveniently located at 315 Highland Terrace (at Wildwood Avenue) in historic Pitman, Gloucester County. It is easily accessible from Route 55, Delsea Drive (Route 47), Woodbury-Glassboro Road (Route 553) and Broadway/Main Street.

Saturday Wine and Cheese, Sunday Ice Cream Social

This weekend at Church of the Good Shepherd we are winding up our Spring Stewardship Campaign!

“Many Gifts, One Spirit”
We have many gifts and we are of one spirit!

On Saturday, May 6, after the 5:30 PM service, we are offering a Wine & Cheese Thank You Reception in the Parish Hall.

On Sunday, May 7, after the 10 AM service, our Sunday School is offering their Teacher Appreciation Celebration Featuring a Beautiful Sunday School Video!

And Then We Will Share in a Delightful Thank You Ice Cream Social!

Come to one or both celebrations!

Please prayerfully consider your commitment to Good Shepherd then return your Pledge Card to the Offering Plate in Church or the Parish Hall.

Let us Praise God for our many Blessings!

Pledges made in 2017 (either Spring or Fall) are intended for the calendar year 2018. If you want to begin your pledge commitment earlier, thank you! But we do not ask you to pledge twice. Please know that your fellow parishioners welcome and appreciate your commitment and support.

Sunday School Updates

Good things are happening at the Church of the Good Shepherd!  The year started off with a refreshed Sunday School program…renovated classrooms, bathrooms and even curriculum.  No small detail was left unnoticed.  There is even a room dedicated to our Youth Group where they can relax, hang out and connect with each other.  4e1b3c12-3b8e-44d3-a94a-484f9fa6c166

Each week the students participate in Buzz.  Buzz is refered to as “curriculum in a box”.  A five step program is followed for each session which includes games, crafts, stories, acting and more.  The boxes are age appropriate, containing 13 weeks of lessons with everything the teacher will need right inside the box!  (If you are a teacher volunteer, that means no more hunting for supplies at 8:15am Sunday morning!)

The children love it because it encourages them to talk about what is going on in their lives.  They are able to relate to their classmates, learn about each other and see God’s love in action!  It’s a modern approach to Sunday School that aligns with each child’s learning style.  The students agree, our Sunday School program ROCKS!

Outside of our regular lessons, students are invited to hear a bible story told each week by one of our parishioners.  This bible story is the perfect compliment to Buzz since it maintains the balance of a more traditional approach to Sunday School.

Also new at Good Shepherd are shorter, five-week terms.  For the teacher volunteers, this means far less commitment.  For the students, it means a chance to meet several of our adult parishioners.  The downside to a five week term perhaps, is that it can result in many new faces for the children.  To help combat this, teacher volunteers visit classrooms the week before their session begins–introducing themselves to the students to help ease the transition.

Finally, with the Christmas season quickly approaching, our Christmas Pageant preparations are in full swing!  Mary is rehearsing her lines, Joseph is preparing to navigate his path to the manger, the Soldiers are perfecting their marching and all the children actors are eagerly awaiting curtain call on December 11th.  If you are new to the church, this is a great time to see our youth in action!  They clearly are what makes our church thrive!

Good things ARE happening at Church of the Good Shepherd…and we’d love for you to be part of it!

Transformational Stewardship Temple Talk #2

Transformational Stewardship Temple Talk #2…Stewardship is NOT about Fundraising!

Before we begin, let’s review from last Sunday! Can anyone tell me the most foundational principle of the four foundational principles of Transformational Stewardship?? That’s right…Everything we have…absolutely everything we have comes from God and it belongs to God…we are not OWNERS of the stuff we have…we are STEWARDS!

So, building on that Foundational Principle #1…is Foundational Principle #2…Stewardship is NOT Fundraising. In the old paradigm of Transactional Stewardship…stewardship was all about fundraising…it was about raising the funds required to keep the doors of the church open and the lights on…it was about raising the funds needed to pay the priest’s extraordinary compensation package and the parish assessment to the Diocesan Stewardship, in the old way of thinking was all about fundraising…which is why the annual campaign was usually done in the fall…the time when the annual operating budget was being created. And the question parishioners were asked was, “will you assume your fair share of the responsibility for providing the financial resources to keep the ministry of the church going”. But Transformational Stewardship is the exact opposite way of thinking…Stewardship is N about raising the funds needed to operate the church…stewardship is about growing in your relationship to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ…stewardship, in this new way of thinking, is about your formation and growth in Christian discipleship…it is about the health of your relationship to God.

Let me be clear…there is absolutely nothing wrong with fundraising…every church does it to a greater or lesser degree. But Stewardship is NOT about fundraising. Let me try to explain it this way. Suppose when I come into the office on Tuesday evening (for Bible Study) I find a check on my desk from an anonymous donor for five million dollars (that is a 5 and six zeroes behind it), As a result of this gift, the Church of the Good Shepherd would be set financially for years to come…we would never have to worry about money…we could comfortably live off the interest we would earn each year from investing that money…but we would still need to do an annual stewardship campaign…we would still need to preach/teach about the principles of Transformational Stewardship. Why??? Because stewardship is NOT about fundraising…stewardship is about our growth and our development as disciples of Jesus Christ!

So that is Foundational Principle #2…next week, Foundational Principle #3…

Transformational Stewardship Temple Talk #4

May 2 and 3, 2015

Before we talk about Foundational Principle #4, let’s review what we have presented the last three weeks. The most foundational of the four foundational principles of Transformational astern ship is that everything belongs to God and everything we have comes from God…we are not owners of the things we have we are stewards and a steward is someone who manages and cares for someone else’s property. Foundational principle #2 is that stewardship is Not about Fundraising…it is not about raising the financial resources needed to keep the doors of the church open. Stewardship is about our formation and growth as disciples of Jesus Christ…it is not about the church’s need for money…it is about our need to give. And last week we discussed the third Foundational Principle of Transformational Stewardship which is the idea of Proportional a Giving…that what is important is not the size of our gift, but what are gift reprints in terms of our total wealth…out total assets, and the Widow’s Mite is the best Biblical illustration of Proportional Giving.

So with the three Foundational Principles as a kind of platform, let’s talk about Foundational Principle #4: the idea of First Fruits Giving. This principle is related to Foundational. Principle #3 because both are about “how we give” not about “how much we give”! If you search the scriptures you will see this principle running through both the Old and New Testaments. For me the key verse is Proverbs 3:9…”Honor The Lord from your wealth and from the First Fruits of all your produce, so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine“. The practice of many church people is to pay all the essential hills ( mortgage, utilities, car payment, insurance, credit card debt, child care, entertainment) and then to calculate their gifts to the church based on what is leftover ( what some describe as discretionary income). This is what I call “Leftover Giving”, and my guess is that if I asked for a show of hands this morning, and if people were totally honest, that many (perhaps most) would acknowledge that this is exactly how they calculate their gifts to the church. BTW, there is a wonderful YouTube video called “My Money” (there is a link to this video on our website). It is a humorous illustration of what so often happens when folks calculate their gifts to the church in this way. First Fruits Giving is an entirely different way of giving our financial gifts to the church. In First Fruits Giving, the first check that is written each month (or week) is the gift to the church (before the mortgage, utilities, car payment, insurance, credit card debt, child care and entertainment). First Fruits Giving is an acknowledgement…a putting into practice Foundational Principle#1…that everything we have comes from God and belongs to God , and therefore. God is entitled to more than just leftovers…God is entitled to the first and the best of what we have to give! A personal testimony…Susan and I have been practicing First Fruits Giving for 37 years (since 1978) and I can honestly say that in all those years we have never experienced significant financial trauma ( we have faced challenges along the way, but we have never deviated from our commitment to practice First Fruits Giving ), and I think that God has honored that commitment, and our desire to get our financial priorities in proper alignment. If I were to share one word of pastoral advice to anyone who is experiencing serious financial difficulties, it would be to begin to practice First Fruits Giving…I promise that it will not only change your financial reality…it will change your life!

So, there they are…the four Foundational Principles of Transformational,Stewardship. If you are interested in learning more about these principles, plan to attend the workshop on Saturday, May 16th from 9:00am until noon!!