Our warm welcome, our hospitality at Good Shepherd is possibly our greatest strength. It is God’s love, it is the Spirit among us, it is what Jesus teaches us. It is felt the first time and every time thereafter that we walk through our doors. We all know and feel this, but sometimes it helps to be intentionally thoughtful about it, keep it at the top of our minds.

This is what the Good Shepherd Greeters do, sharing our parish’s spirit of warm welcome with everyone, both new and longtime members. During the Peace each Sunday, the Greeter makes a welcome announcement. At the conclusion of services they join the rector to greet all worshippers, welcome newcomers, answer questions, and provide an invitation to coffee hour. The Greeters host Name Tag services throughout the year, and distribute Welcome Mugs to newcomers. We continue looking for new ways to welcome all into this house of God.

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