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Property Report — Volunteers Needed!

Respectfully Submitted: Claude Coulson

Since many of you have only visited the church in person recently, I would like to bring everyone up to date on many of the improvements and items that still need improving.

  1. In the kitchen the old wooden island was removed and a new island was installed.
  2. The lower classrooms had the windows replaced and a concrete pathway was installed to help with water removal.
  3. Many of you have seen the beautiful transformation of the Altar window. Notice the amount of detail that was never seen before. Many of the other windows were in need of repair and should be completed soon.
  4. A new AV system was installed that will allow us the ability to have a virtual experience that brings church to our homes that will be like being there. Think about the days when the weather prohibits us from attending or when we are out of town on business or vacation. Weddings and funerals can now be viewed from anywhere allowing friends and family to attend without traveling. Volunteers are needed to run the system.
    Although there have been many improvements, there is still a need for many more. These include repainting the classrooms, main church doors need repair and paint, roofing needs repair to prevent leaks coming into the chapel and near the organ. A new fire alarm is needed to prevent false alarms and protect God’s Church.
    The property committee can’t do these repairs on their own, they need the help of all parishioners. The costs of these repairs and improvements are high and while we realize we have all have a difficult year and a half, without being in church, we don’t see what’s needed. I would invite you to speak to anyone on the property committee if you have any questions or recommendations.