Camden Christmas 2021 — Brotherhood of Saint Andrew

 Camden Christmas 2021 is scheduled and ready to go! This year, we are giving you the opportunity to participate by selecting the names of children that are hanging on the Christmas tree we have set up in the Parish Hall at Good Shepherd! You and your family can take as many Tags as you like!   Beginning this Sunday, November 7th, you may go into the Parish Hall, take a tag off the tree.  

The Tag has the following information:
     1. Child’s Name
     2. Gender and Age
     3. Classroom # (that will be either Room #5, Room #6, or Room #10)

You purchase the gifts, bring the gifts to the Church, and make sure the Tag is attached to the gifts on November 21! It’s that simple!    (Please, do NOT wrap the gifts.)

On November 21st*, following the 10:00am service, we will bring the Christmas gifts into the Parish Hall and celebrate with a Hot Dog and smores Luncheon (in the courtyard and Parish Hall) – sponsored by the Brotherhood of St Andrew!   So, beginning this Sunday, November 7th, take a tag and enjoy the feeling that comes from helping so many children.

(While checking out the Camden Christmas gift tags, please sign up to volunteer for the Hol-Lee Fair!)

Merry Christmas and thank you for bringing joy into the lives of children in Camden.

Deacon Carl and all the Brotherhood of St. Andrew at Good Shepherd,
609 868 7102

*Gifts can be delivered to the church through Sunday, December 5th.

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