Yard Sale of June 5, 2021

The Yard Sale was an overwhelming success!!  Almost $900 was raised, with the monies earned earmarked towards the Holly Fair fund.  Many thanks to the parishioners who mobilized at 7 am and withstood the heat that day to schleck out the tables and everything we had accumulated over the past year and a half—and hung out until about 1 pm selling everything we could;  Rich & Jenn Harrington, Claude & Judy Coulson, Deb Prieto, Jeff & Paige Bathurst, Pat Ransome, Ann Peel, Diane Wall, Bill Beard, Bill Nelson, Maria & Wayne Szalma and Beth Portocalis.  It was very heartwarming to see the Good Shepherd family once again come together and share fellowship.  It was also a great outreach day as we welcomed so many people to the Church (and even offered a few tours of the air-conditioned church!!) 

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