Halfway through and we need YOU!

Hard to believe the Christmas pageant and Holly Fair are behind us and we are halfway through another Sunday School year!  The kids have had quite a busy first half!

Earlier in the year, we mentioned kicking off Youth Outreach Activities in lieu of a bible story (of course, we still welcome Bible Storyteller volunteers).  During those activities, the children have decorated pumpkins for Pitman Manor, colored pages for “Color a Smile”, left their mark on our Outreach bulletin board, and more!  We have a few more outreach activities planned including Valentines for Vets.

img_0570In addition to outreach, we’ve held two Youth Fellowship activities.  Youth Fellowship activities are a chance for children of all grade levels to come together and for a special lesson and project.  Two more are planned for the second half of the year.

How can you help? We’d love ideas for organizations in need for our outreach activities.  We could also use volunteers to lead a Youth Fellowship activity.  Also, we are in need of two to four teacher volunteers for two remaining school year terms.  Finally, we’d love IDEAS!  As is typical for this time of year, attendance is lower.  Perhaps it’s those cold, frosty Sunday mornings or the long list of kid activities that always seem to take over our weekends or maybe something else.  Please reach out to Kathy or me if you have ideas on how to rev up our program and as always THANK YOU for your support!


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