Seven weeks in…

Seven weeks of the 2017/2018 Sunday School year are now behind us!  In those seven short weeks we’ve already finished the first term, held a Youth Fellowship, listened to guest speakers in our High School class, and begun preparations for our Christmas Pageant!  We are certainly busy at Good Shepherd!

With all these activities we plan for the kids, I often think about the intention.  Mother Susan spoke two Sundays ago during the homely about our Good Shepherd family.  She stated church can be–should be–for a lifetime.    Why do we hold Youth Fellowships four times a year?  What do we really want our children to leave with when they exit their classroom and head through the double doors into the service?  Most likely, we all have various opinions of what we hope our children take away each Sunday.  For me, I want two things.  I want them to know Jesus loves them and I want them to know they have a family at Good Shepherd.

I’ve been attending Good Shepherd since the age of seven and have grown up with many of the parishioners who attend today.  When I walk through those doors each Sunday I feel at peace; I feel safe.  I feel no matter how stressful the work week has been or how much craziness life in general brings; feeling God’s presence and seeing the familiar faces of those I’ve known for many years or have just met just a few months ago–lets me know I’m exactly where I need to be.

So for me, that is what I hope your children get out of our Sunday School program.  I hope they feel the comfort that spirituality and family can bring.  And I hope that years from now, when I’m sitting in that first pew on the left side, I look back and see the faces of the “kids of Good Shepherd” sitting with their kids.

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