Job Descriptions for Sr. Youth Group

Hi! You guys should have already received your assignments, so here are the descriptions of the positions. Know that you are still a member of the youth group as a whole, meaning you will still be expected to participate and help in volunteer activities and events in any way that may be asked of you by the person in charge of that activity. (i.e. the person in charge of outreach will still be expected to be a waiter at a spaghetti dinner) Any materials that are needed will be provided.

While I hope none of these seem hard or scary, just know you are not in this alone! I am always going to be there to help you (especially in the beginning) and you also have the help and support of the rest of the group!



Activities Coordinator– Duties include finding places for trips/ bringing options to meetings so the rest of the group can choose their favorites. Also in charge of proposing themes for any fun youth group events, like lock-ins.

Administrative Assistant– Duties include covering for your friends. If somebody can’t fulfill their job or if they need help to complete their assigned task, you’re going to be the person they reach out to help or take over their duties. Also expected to step in and help whenever and wherever you have been requested by Maria, as she has hand selected you for this job!

Food Duties include running what most would be considered to be the MOST IMPORTANT section of our youth group. Will be a part of selecting a menu for any event that we’re expected to bring or serve food for, as well as formulating a list with everything needed for the grocery shopping (don’t worry if you don’t know everything that goes into something, I’m here to help!) Will work closely with fundraising/activities coordinator/special events.

Fundraising– Duties include gathering ideas and presenting them to the rest of the group, planning and organizing the event, and overseeing to insure that things get done. Must work closely with the other appropriate Committee members to utilize their assistance as needed.

In-reach– Duties will include initiating a system to reach out to church members who could greatly benefit from our help (i.e. yard work, room painting—small jobs to start then hopefully building up to bigger projects) Will work with the secretary to plan and schedule opportunities, maybe one every 1-2 months to start, and work with public relations to promote this new service.

Outreach– Duties include working closely with organizations that we could potentially volunteer for, especially getting our volunteer work started with Family Promise. Expected to coordinate dates, times and transportation (if needed) as well as organizing who will be participating (if not everyone.)

Public Relations– Duties include promoting youth group events/services inside of the church, and possibly in the community (with assistance.) Tasks may include making posters, signs and/or flyers, facilitating announcements to be made during the church services, writing activity details for the Church website, newsletter and/or Facebook page, and answering questions from the congregation.

Secretary– Duties include taking notes of ideas/discussion in meetings and sending to the appropriate people once approved. Also in charge of keeping two (2) up to date calendars (one for yourself to answer others questions, one to stay at church for group use) of future events as well as cross checking with other church events on the main calendar for conflicts.

Special Events– Duties include working closely with fundraising/activities coordinator to execute their proposed plans. Items may include set up, taking larger roles in the event itself to see that it runs smoothly, and overseeing cleanup.

Treasurer– Duties include keeping a tab of our account (we will provide you with the balance of our account as of now, it is your job to add and subtract any money we raise/use,) counting money after an event or fundraiser and making sure it gets to the Church’s Treasurer, setting the Youth Group budget and fundraising goals, and assisting with information needed to make decisions that will involve using money from our account.

One thought on “Job Descriptions for Sr. Youth Group”

  1. Wow, this is amazing! Activities Coordinator, please get in touch with me, I have an invitation for you all to an activity at an Episcopal church in Center City, Philadelphia.
    Deb Prieto


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