November 2015 Discernment Committee Update: Our Final Update

The Discernment Committee is so very happy with the calling of our new priest, the Rev. Susan E. Osborne-Mott! We are bursting with joy! We look forward to the first week of Advent, November 28-29 when Mother Susan will begin her ministry at Good Shepherd.

We, as members of this committee, have developed a special closeness and trust working together as a team over the past year. In many ways we involved the entire parish. Together we described ourselves in the Profile and Portfolio. We asked for help from many of you with specific expertise. The committee moved on to engage deeply with many caring priests. We made our final recommendations to the Vestry and supported the Vestry through the final phase. We are very grateful for your prayers and honored with your trust through this process. Our service to Good Shepherd in this capacity has come to an end, and now we look forward to directing our individual and collective energy to the ministries at Good Shepherd that we love AND to new and exciting ministries to come. We are bringing lots of new concepts and ideas with us that grew from our intensive work together as the Discernment Committee.

We know that you will love Mother Susan! We all fell in love with her and are very excited for all of you to get to know her too. We know that she and her husband Brad are just as excited as we are. Mother Susan is energetic yet calm, highly spiritual and joyful. She engages children and young people. She is a collaborator. She is a good listener. The Holy Spirit was on the Discernment Committee with us … we listened … we know that this is God’s will!

Go ahead and ask questions, we are now able to talk to you about Mother Susan! We recommend, however, that you join in the plans to welcome her and her family, then come celebrate and worship with Mother Susan and Good Shepherd on November 28th or 29th.

Thank you, Good Shepherd family! Thank you, God!

The 2014-2015 Good Shepherd Discernment Committee
Roger Baker, Aimee Burgin, Pat Braidwood, Len Clark, Becky Goff, Stuart Lynd, Elizabeth Nelson, Deb Prieto, Mark Nicolle (our awesome Chairman!), Chelsea Richmond, Tom Rigg, Chris Southwick, Jeff Snodgrass, Wayne Szalma, Diane Wall, Jim Wynkoop

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