Prayer for the Discernment Committee and Vestry in discernment

O God, you know us better than we know ourselves. Guide the Discernment Committee and the Vestry in our search for a new Rector for Good Shepherd. Empower each one of us to use our unique ministries, to share openly and honestly our thoughts, to respect the opinions of others, and to encourage humility, patience, and joy. Instill in us a vision of the Church’s family; that guided by your Holy Spirit we will be united in love and joyfully accomplish this mission, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

The Discernment Committee:
Mark Nicolle, Chairman
Roger Baker, Aimee Burgin, Pat Braidwood, Len Clark, Becky Goff, Stuart Lynd, Elizabeth Nelson, Deb Prieto, Chelsea Richmond, Tom Rigg, Chris Southwick, Jeff Snodgrass, Wayne Szalma, Diane Wall, Jim Wynkoop

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