February 2015 Discernment (“Search”) Committee Update

In February we turn our full focus to our Parish Profile, which will be a supplementary document on our website that will replace the printed booklet published to inform prospective candidates that some of you may remember from searches past. The Parish Profile allows more room for creativity, so it may include more than the OTM Portfolio to describe our worship, our activities and fellowship, and photographs to express the essence of Good Shepherd. To create the different parts of the Parish Profile, we are working as individuals and in small groups informed by brainstorming sessions with the full committee. In addition we have asked for help from parishioners outside the Discernment Committee with specific knowledge or expertise. This exemplifies the sort of joyful collaboration at the heart of our wonderful parish.

In response to the needs of the Discernment Committee and the transition process, a Vestry initiative led to the formation of a new Website Committee which is enthusiastically working behind the scenes to revise our website under the leadership of Rich Harrington. At the same time, our webmaster Maureen Wynkoop is also maintaining our existing website where there is now a page with monthly Discernment Committee updates. The Website Committee currently includes Sue Dixon, Len Fedullo, Chelsea Richmond, Tom Rigg, Deb Prieto, and Jim Wynkoop in addition to Rich Harrington and Maureen Wynkoop. Thanks to everyone involved in this exciting new project!

We all welcome your ideas, questions, and input … and please keep our work in your prayers!

Mark Nicolle, Chairman
The Discernment Committee:
Roger Baker, Darrin Buono, Aimee Burgin, Pat Braidwood, Len Clark, Becky Goff, Stuart Lynd, Elizabeth Nelson, Deb Prieto, Chelsea Richmond, Tom Rigg, Chris Southwick, Jeff Snodgrass, Wayne Szalma, Diane Wall, Jim Wynkoop

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